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Asia on Mike

What were you longing for?

Having a comfortable dinner and it also not to ever end up being embarrassing

Initial thoughts?

Tall, well dressed, smiley, self-confident.

What do you mention?

His pals. We talked about the difference between cash and delight, traveling, job selections, food.

Any awkward times?

I asked if their teeth had been genuine, that retrospect may have been unpleasant.

Good dining table ways?


Most sensible thing about Mike?

He’s good and active.

Do you introduce him to your pals?


Describe him in three words

Fun, chatty, foodie.

Exactly what do you might think he made of you?

He said I was the exact opposite of poor business – In my opinion which is good.

Do you go on somewhere?

Yes, we visited perform fussball and that I acquired 9-3, which was among highlights of this night.

And… do you kiss?

I really couldn’t probably state.

If you could alter the one thing concerning the evening, what would it be?

Obtaining a negroni to start with. Worst drink actually.

Markings of 10?


Could you fulfill again?

Yeah, why-not?

Mike on Asia

Just what were you longing for?

A female who lights within the room.

Initially impressions?

We instantly warmed to her.

Just what did you speak about?

Our very own completely different encounters of Argentina; the girl competitiveness; my personal cooking; and conserving society – the woman ideas happened to be better.

Any awkward times?

As soon as she sipped a negroni when I’d shared with her it is the most useful beverage actually ever.

Good table ways?


Best thing about Asia?

Her look.

Do you present the woman your pals?


Describe her in three terms

Very cool woman.

Precisely what do you might think she made from you?

Good on meals, bad on beverage.

Do you go on someplace?


And… do you kiss?

I do not hug and tell.

Should you could change a factor regarding the evening, what would it is?

Playing dining table soccer afterwards – losing thus convincingly was actually difficult to simply take.

Marks out of 10?


Can you fulfill once more?

I want to think so.

Mike and India consumed at
, London EC1.

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